EUROPARC Federation

The EUROPARC Federation is the network for Europe’s natural and cultural heritage. It was created by members for members to support the work of Protected Area management in both its policy and practice. The Federation works, to improve the management of Protected Areas in Europe through international cooperation, exchange of ideas and experience, and by influencing policy.

As the representative body of Europe’s Protected Areas EUROPARC is the collective voice for all nature and landscape areas and seeks to build a stronger, unifying, European network organisation that is better placed to support its members and to respond to current and future challenges Europe’s nature is facing.

Europe’s natural heritage is a myriad of habitats, landscapes and ecosystems, sculpted by nature, shaped by man. It knows no boundaries: therefore, in order to sustainably and effectively manage these natural resources, EUROPARC believes that the future protection and conservation of nature and landscapes is best achieved through networking and cooperation bringing mutual understanding, shared experiences, knowledge and innovation in policy and practice of Protected Area management.

Protected Areas are one of the main pillars of the future protection and wise use of man’s natural and cultural resources. On this crowded continent, Protected Areas are more valuable than ever as repositories for nature, sanctuaries for human well-being and drivers for sustainable economic growth. Collectively, these areas provide Europe’s ecological life support systems.

The EUROPARC Federation is dedicated to practical nature conservation and sustainable development of Europe’s biodiversity, fostering holistic landscape approaches in its management. Members, partners, regional and national sections come together from across Europe, with a shared passion for nature and landscapes to look beyond their parks and highlight their importance to the environmental, social and economic development of Europe’s regions, countries and society.

The EUROPARC Federation was founded in Basel (CH) in 1973 but for most of its life has been based in Germany and has proudly been supporting the work of its members in Protected Areas across Europe, for over 40 years “Working for Nature”. Today the Federations’ members represent hundreds of responsible authorities and thousands of Protected Areas in 36 countries.

From its headquarters in Regensburg (DE) and an office in Brussels (BE) and with active members and sections all over Europe, EUROPARC seeks to create a legacy, building on lessons learned throughout its history, to support its members as they manage all aspects of European Protected Areas.

Many projects and programmes have been implemented and completed since EUROPARC started. The Federation has significantly contributed to enhance public awareness about Protected Areas and influenced European nature conservation policies. EUROPARC is recognised around the world as a professional network of European Protected Areas.

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